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Detective Danny Messer

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Name:Danny Messer
Birthdate:Aug 24, 1973
Location:Manhattan, New York, United States of America
 Detective Danny Messer
Daniel James Messer - NYPD Detective
Birthdate: August 24, 1973
Father: Louie Messer Sr
Mother: Barbara Messer
Brother: Louie Messer Jr - Injured April 2006 - Still in a coma, he's resided in the Golden Gate Rehab & Healthcare Center, a long term care facility in Staten Island since May 2006.

Detective Danny Messer brings his Staten Island roots with him to the New York City Crime Lab. Growing up in a family under surveillance, Danny formulated his own set of hybrid ethics, blending the world of lawbreakers with the world of lawmakers. Mac personally selected Danny to join his team, an honor and responsibility that Danny attempts to live up to every day.

He played baseball in high school and college. He's right-handed and was a pitcher. A shattered right wrist in his junior year ended his baseball career and turned Danny to science and the NYPD.

As of May 2011, after passing the Sergeant's exam, Danny was promoted from Detective to Sergeant. No longer a CSI, he is adjusting to moving from a follower, to a leader, which has been proven a bit difficult so far. After an incident with some officers under his command in October 2011, Danny has stepped down as sergeant and went back to the lab where he is once again a detective. His reason was needing to work with people he could trust who had his back.

Danny currently lives in the East Village in an apartment on 12th street.
I play Danny canon EXCEPT for the following:
1. I play him like season 1 Danny.
2. He never had a relationship with Lindsay.
3. He has no children, that he knows of.
4. He did NOT come from a family of cops. He comes from a family under surveillance, Danny walking a thin line between lawbreaker and lawmaker.

DISCLAIMER: This LJ is for the sole purpose of RPing Danny Messer, a character from the show CSI:NY.
I do not own Danny Messer or Carmine Giovinazzo.
This is purely for fun as I am not making one cent on this. I am merely borrowing him to RP with.
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